Traditional Home Magazine "Color it Spring" March 2006

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Traditional Home Magazine "Color it Spring" March 2006

Perfect for Eclectic Collectors and Antique Entusiasts alike!  You will find history in furniture and decor ideas in this fabulous read! This 2006 Spring Edition of Traditional Home Magazine is 12 years old and in perfect condition!  The pages are a slightly light style weight thickness and perfect for DIY projects!

Here are some Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Magazines for all you DIY Enthusiasts! 

  • Decorative panels.
  • Vase decoupage.
  • Bows. Image: 
  • Recycled paper beads. 
  • Recycled magazine envelopes with notecards. ... 
  • Recycled newspaper and magazine wallpaper. ... 
  • Distressed mixed-media origami bookmarks. ... 
  • Lamp base of magazines and newspaper clippings.


Item specifics:

Editor Ann Maine
Categories Design and decorating magazine
Frequency Eight times a year
Year founded 1989
Company Meredith
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English