Roses: Inspirations For Practical Gifts, Crafts and Displays

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Roses: Inspirations For Practical Gifts, Crafts and Displays

This book is a true straight out of an English Garden and Tea Party Etiquette Book!  Gorgeous illustrations and amazing ideas for entertaining and decorating with ROSES!  


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Item Description: Circa 1997 Book
Roses is a celebration of the unique flower that inspired poets and lovers for centuries. A short introduction traces the history of this remarkable species detailing the myths and legends surrounding. At the heart of the book there are wonderful rose ideas for decorating your home, making delightful presents and producing delicious rose-flavored recipes. Includes over 300 color photos.
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ISBN-10 1859672116
ISBN-13 9781859672112
Key Details
Author Gilly Love
Number Of Pages 128 pages
Format Hardcover
Publication Date 1997-10-01
Language English
Publisher Anness Publishing
Publication Year 1997
Additional Details
Copyright Date 1996
Illustrated Yes