Florida Design Magazine "Exciting Homes Marvelous Art" 2007 Volume 17 #4

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Florida Design Magazine "Exciting Homes Marvelous Art" 2007 Volume 17 #4

Florida Design offers the Best of Florida Architecture and Furnishings!  You will find history in furniture and decor ideas in this fabulous read as well! This 2007 Florida Design Magazine is 11 years old and in great condition!  The pages are a slightly thicker medium style cardstock thickness and very elegant for framing and DIY projects.  

Here are some Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Magazines for all you DIY Enthusiasts!

  • Decorative panels.
  • Vase decoupage.
  • Bows. Image: 
  • Recycled paper beads. 
  • Recycled magazine envelopes with notecards. ... 
  • Recycled newspaper and magazine wallpaper. ... 
  • Distressed mixed-media origami bookmarks. ... 
  • Lamp base of magazines and newspaper clippings.

Item Description:

Boca Raton, FL 

President & Publisher: Jeff Lichtenstein
Established:  1988
Distribution: Warner Publishing Services, A Division of Time-Warner.

FLORIDA DESIGN is dedicated to those who appreciate fine interior design, furnishings, architecture and a luxurious lifestyle. Because of their distribution, advertisers have been rewarded with sales from buyers living in or moving to Florida from all over the United States, North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, and even the tiny island of Guam.