Coastal Living Magazine "Cutest Cottages Ever" April 2006

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Coastal Living Magazine "Cutest Cottages Ever" April 2006

I love Coastal Living! This Magazine is amazing for coastal location living and decor ideas!  This issue is a pristine 12 years old!  If your looking for Architecture or Design Ideas from the 2000's, look no further!

If you have a passion for life on the water, Coastal Living is your ultimate must-have resource. You'll find it all here: decorating ideas that bring a breath of the shore inside your home; local color from your favorite waterfront communities; dream destinations; tempting seafood and other recipes; the best in coastal news, products, and events; and much more.

With 10 issues published each year, Coastal Living introduces readers to homes, destinations, activities, and people along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf shores of North America. Hawaii, Alaska, coastal Canada and Mexico, as well as the multi-national Caribbean islands and U.S. Great Lakes.


Here are some Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Magazines for all you DIY Enthusiasts!


  • Decorative panels.
  • Vase decoupage.
  • Bows. Image: 
  • Recycled paper beads. 
  • Recycled magazine envelopes with notecards. ... 
  • Recycled newspaper and magazine wallpaper. ... 
  • Distressed mixed-media origami bookmarks. ... 
  • Lamp base of magazines and newspaper clippings.